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Prometheus Rebound

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"Well, spank me rosy, Captain!"

Welcome, to my fanfiction archive.  WARNING to those entering the site: though there isn't any slash (read: male/male relationships or the like) here yet, there are a few fandoms I will slash in, and there may be slash here at some point, and likely there will be fic recommendations involving slash, even if the main ship is not slash.
This is mainly a fanfiction archive, though there is original fiction as well.  I'll also eventually have a section for WIPs (Works In Progress).  I'll write in any genre, romance to horror, fantasy to nonfiction, and I'll write anything from gen to het to slash.  Ratings will generally be mild, but I will post warnings in the summaries if there are any.
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Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrighted, or otherwise owned characters or whathaveyou, unless otherwise noted.
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